Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail

"Surviving to Fight means Fighting to Survive"

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Show Contents 15th March 2014

Dear listener I wish to thank you all for your kind wishes and thoughts. I am on the mend and I am planning to record a new show as from next week.

I appears that my medication is starting to work at last.

I start this week with the Blizzard Survival Discount Offer, then cover the following subjects:
  • You could not make it up,
  • Understanding Aquaponics,
  • Thieves are putting health at risk by stealing treated crops,
  • Support these companies,
  • Pine Soup Pine Tea and Pine Bark Could Save Your Life,
  • Growing, Catching, and Preparing Food,
  • How to make penicillin tea,
  • Urban Survival,
  • Some more companies to support,
  • Electricity to be Rationed,
  • Some Things to Consider When Living Off the Land,
  • Further companies to support,
  • Snares,
  • How to make nettle soup,
  • Could your cat give you TB?,
  • Fears that deadly New virus could go Global,
  • 10 Considerations for your Bug Out Location,
  • Wilderness Gathering,
  • Backpack Survival

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