Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail

"Surviving to Fight means Fighting to Survive"

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Imitation Baits Selection Box

The EKA Firesharp, the Trekker Compact Mat, The NDuR Survival Canteen

The 1000ml OKO Water Bottle NASA Filtration Technology


NDūR - 46oz Survival Canteen Kit w/Advanced Filter
Kamprite Oversize Tent-cot with Rainfly


The Survival Watch

The Basis Highlander Slingshot

Custom SERE & E&E Products

The RFID Protected X3 Flipside Wallet





The Parry HUNTER

Top Quality Long Life Survival Food

The Camp Fire Cooking Grill

NomadClip and NomadKey

Go-ID The Personal Emergency ID Kit

Ultralight Pen Fishing Rod With Spinning Reel Combo

The Escape/Travel Belt

Product page:
WaterNlife on Facebook:

The WaterNLife Portable Water Filter

The UK's Leading Meat Snack Brands

The Green Paracord Knife



Sharp Shooter Keychain



25 Year healthy survival food






Pats Beer



 Z.A.P.S. Gear Survival Grenades



Enspire Body Cleansing Towels



The KeySmart

The BSB-Best Survival Bracelet



The Strikefire fire starter



The titanium and stainless steel spork



The Sharp Shooter Keychain



Biox Aqua Water Treatment Tablets



UK legal Folders plus loads more



Water Purifier Cup



The UK's PURIFICUP Supplier


Simply your EDC supplier



For I-shields UV Protection




For top quality 550 Paracord



For Survival Knives and Survival Kits



For the Nano Striker fire starter



For tasty MX3 Meals



For the Lifesaver Bottle



For the Knot Bone Lacelock



For the Wild and Edible Nutrition E Book



Browning Night Seeker Cap Light RGB



For the Multi-mate +lite and key ring survival kit



For the Ghillie Kettle



For the Blackbird SK-5



Handmade leather sheaths   



For the Farside Outdoor Meals



The Survivor knife


For the Chris Caine companion survival tool



All your Military supplies



CRKT Guppie



GO PACK Survival Kit






The GXT1000VP4 2-Way Midland Radios



Tool Logic Survival 11



Vacuum Sealer


Flex Neck Utility Lighter



Solo Stove



The 95 Puuko



Expedition survival and prepping supplies



Elzetta ZFL-M60 Tactical Weapon-Grade LED Torch



EL Cocodrillo Catapult



DD Hammock - Travel Hammock



1 Person 3 Day BASIC Backpack Survival Kit


Day Ration Pack



Vango Storm Shelter 400



Gold Standard Whey Protein isolates which are 90% pure protein by weight



The RIBZ Front Pack



Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kit everything in one kit



Adjustable Knife Lanyard Review



Handmade knives by James D. Sanders



Mini alarm Device with an Ultra bright White LED


Multi lite Multi-tool



myFC PowerTrekk, It runs on water, it really does



The Paper Shower



The Life Straw



Purinize is a 100% all-natural solution of concentrated mineral salts and purified water.



Mobile Phone Chargers



The LuminAID



Your own water purification system


Nut, gluten- and milk-free foods for nearly a decade here.



Uses natural fuel



EDC steel tools



Highlander Trojan Hydration Pack – Multicam






Alum Crystal and natural spa products



BackHawk Web duty Belt



Guppie Multi=tool


Go Survival Pack



Beautiful Handmade Catapults



1 Person BASIC Backpack Survival Kit, the back pack that does it all




DD Hammock –The ultimate in Travel Hammocks



Elzetta ZFL-M60 Tactical Weapon-Grade LED Torch



The LUCI light



Fire Dragon Gel



TBS Boar Folding Pocket Knife UK Legal Folder



Live Fire Emergency Fire Starter



THE ultimate Emergency Survival Fishing Kit



Gerber Mini Remix - Drop Point, Fine Edge



The Mule Light



The BodyGard is the Rolls-Royce of keychain emergency tools. Its two essential (and life-saving) tools are its seat belt cutter and door glass breaker.



The powermonkey Explorer Solar Plus Charger



The Survival Slingshot



The Siege Stove



Schrade SCHF14 full tang drop point and the SCPENBK Tactical Pen






SnugPak Response Pak



Escape & Evade Wrist compass 



Hammarro Fire Paper



Tinder Tabs, Water Bag, Covert Wallet

If you are in need of any of these items or fancy an upgrade then please check these sites out and please don’t forget to mention the UK Preppers Radio Network on KPRNDB-UK thank you.



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