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"Surviving to Fight means Fighting to Survive"

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Monday, 2 March 2015

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I start this week’s show with Where to Find Fuel post SHTF, then The Bug out Week 2015 is coming, Blizzard survival 20% Discount Offer, What do They Know That we don’t? The Ribzwear 30% Discount Offer, EBOLA yes, but what about the FLU, Having Problems Prepping? The U.K mock SHTF scenario DX w/e (part 3), The Wilderness121 10% Discount Offer, Just Some Ideas on Survival, Super Snacks: An Essential Boost for Wilderness Survival, The Midimax 10% Discount Offer, What Happens IF? How to Help Your Rescuers, The Field Leisure 10% Discount Offer, Survival Food-What to Buy, The Buggrub 10% Discount Offer, The GHB, The Hunters-Knives 10% Discount Offer, Home Made Emergency Survival Bars, Plan to Prepare, THE TWELTH WILDERNESS GATHERING 2014 13th to 16th August.
Where to Find Fuel post SHTF
Following a time of collapse, petrol and other fuels will likely be hard to come by because no petrol stations are likely to be working.
Supermarkets and shops closed and or looted or both.
Martial law.
Regional war.
Global war.
Mass starvation. Don't expect your local petrol station to be selling fuel and snack food. We're talking post-apocalypse following a massive global series of events that has taken place.
But even if gas stations are not in operation anywhere, there are a million other places a smart survivor can get fuel -- for example, abandoned vehicles -- which, in a post-apocalypse, you can expect there to be a lot of in a number of places.
Siphoning Fuel ... Safely
If a vehicle is abandoned and there's no chance that its owner is coming back for it, you have two ways to get to its fuel supply.
One is to siphon it from the tank with a manufactured hose and pump (that's the safest way), and the other is to crawl underneath the vehicle with a container and poke a hole in the gas tank (just don't use any sparking tools).
Petrol or diesel will drain out of the bottom of the tank you just poked a hole in. You now have fuel for at least a few hours of driving (should you get your hands on a motorbike or moped).
Be sure not to mix diesel with petrol or you'll dilute the burning properties of both fuels. Instead, fill your container with either straight petrol, or straight diesel.
A Fuel Scavenger's Paradise
Here's something a lot of people living in the cities and suburbs don't understand about rural areas -- there may be a lot more fuel available than meets the eye.
Areas of farming and agriculture may have large abandoned machinery like tractors and other farm machinery full of gallons each of diesel fuel, as well as standalone diesel tanks (and petrol storage tanks) that you may find either lifted up on a support stand or stored horizontally on the ground or even on a pull-behind trailer.
Those that are on stands do not require an electric pump for operation (electricity to the region may be down), as gravity allows fuel to be pumped easily from the bottom side of the tank and through a hose and hand held nozzle.
Those tanks that are stored on level ground do require an electric pump and if there's no electricity, simply unscrew the pump from the top of the tank (look around and you'll probably find a pipe wrench somewhere nearby) and now use a siphon pump, or just a cut hose, and siphon the fuel out of the tank with your mouth.
In rural areas, you'll find fuel in a lot more places than just farms. Outside most town’s there are industrial areas, building hire companies, lorry parks, and any number of energy installations (coal, oil, natural gas, etc.) can have fuel equipment, tanks and various vehicles parked and abandoned on site -- a literal fuel scavenger's paradise.
Find Fuel at the Bottom of Empty Tanks
What happens if someone else gets to a fuel storage tank before you? Don't panic. There's still a good chance you can find fuel in what looks like an empty tank at first glance.
You see, there may be a few gallons of fuel at the bottom of each tank that you can get to with a long hose -- though you may have to siphon it out.
What about an abandoned car or truck that appears out of fuel? Good news -- it might not be completely empty either.
Look inside the vehicle for a jack -- if you can find a jack, jack the vehicle up so that the rear end of the vehicle is tilted up at an angle. Gravity will now cause any remaining gasoline to pool at the bottom level of the tank.
Now crawl underneath and poke a hole in the fuel tank at the lowest spot, where any fuel inside will collect. You might get a couple gallons easily doing that.
In a post-apocalypse time expect to find the occasional abandoned motorcycle, abandoned because it ran out of fuel and its driver took off on foot. Good news for you if you're carrying a container of fuel as you'll have some fuel to get the motorbike started and get at least a few dozen miles further from where you are now, or simply to where you can find more fuel and refuel your new bike.
Why Not Just Carry a Petrol can?
Sure, you can take your chances carrying a large container of fuel, and perhaps you'll carry a few more gallons of fuel that day. But realistically a petrol can may be a poor choice due to the fact that someone else may want your fuel and be willing to shoot you for it if they see it. Ever watch the Mad Max films?
The Bug out Week 2015 is coming
Details and information.
Please read the information on their FB page before you say that you are going as there is a £5 deposit to pay for your place and all the places are limited.
They are now taking deposits; £5 per person
All deposits are non-refundable.
You must say what the deposit is for in the notes on paypal before you send payment and what system you are using to bug out.
Here is the paypal address to make payments to;
Community of UK Preppers (Bug out Weekend)
Come and join us on the 2nd to the 4th may 2015 to share and learn ideas with other likeminded people.
Location is near Scunthorpe Winteringham Lane, West Halton. DN15 9AX
The location is nice 16 acre spot with a variation of different types if terrain, from a wooded area, good for hammocks, tents and bug out vehicles. Then an open area used for summer grazing that is also good for tents and tarps with poles and bug out vehicles.
Just follow your sat nav. and pick up the signs to the meeting as you approach, the signs will say BUG and there will be an arrow that will point in the right direction.
Here are the spaces that are still available.
All spaces are designated specific areas of the Bug out Weekend location that are suitable for that type of bugging out system as the location is a wild managed area and has a range of different types of ground.
All the places listed here are for the tree covered areas of the location.
Hammocks 15 spaces. 09 left
Tarps and tents 30 Places 27 left
4x4 and off road vehicles 20 places. 16 left
Campervans and trailers 15 places 12 left
There is a large open ground area of the location for the Bug Out Weekend to use whatever system you choose, but this area will be limiting to 40 spaces.
Admission Fee
£20.00 for adult over 16 years
£10.00 for child under 16 years
Free for child under 10 years
Traders and promoters are welcome for no extra cost to the entrance fee.
Anyone who says they are going to the event must pay a non-refundable £5.00 deposit per person to secure their place.
Once payment has been made you will receive your payment receipt reference number. This number is to be presented on entry to the Bug out Weekend where the deposit will be deducted from the admission cost that is to be paid upon entry.
Please arrange any train Tickets to Scunthorpe as soon as possible (ASAP) as this will save you money and could be cheaper than your own car.
The organisers can arrange to pick you up from Scunthorpe Train Station and drop you back off for a fee of £3.00. Please let them know as soon as possible if you require this service.
There will be a toilet facility in place.
There will be ranges for Archery, Crossbow, Air rifle, live round rifles and shotgun too.
There will be a solar Shower available with hot water available if needed.
There will be a Marquee set up in case of any wet weather so it won't stop people who want to do a bit of socialising
There will be a BBQ for anyone who wants to have a good old meat feast at the cost of £5.00 per head
UK Firearms Licensing Act
For anyone who wishes to bring along a gun or rifle that requires to be licensed under the UK Firearms licensing act 1968.
It is every owner’s responsibility to ensure they are covered under the UK Firearms licensing act and proof of cover for any such firearms must be shown before you are allowed entry to the Bug out Weekend meeting.
The organisers or associates will not be held responsible for any transportation of unlicensed Firearms to or from the Bug out Weekend.
See the link below and click on it or copy and paste it to your browser.
Strict safety rules and timing guidelines at the range points must be followed at all times.
All guidelines and disclaimers will be presented on entry to the Bug out Weekend meeting by security staff.
All guidelines and disclaimers must be read and understood before signing and entry to the Bug out Weekend.
Just a quick one
I do hope to see you there as we had a great time with the Bug out Weekend meeting Back in May 2014.
The weather was amazing even though the Met Office said it was going to pour down with strong winds and low temperatures,
That put a lot of people off. That was annoying as it takes a bit of effort to say the least to organise the thing and make it work.
So just come along and Bug out Weekend with us and try out your survival systems and learn some new things along the way.
Even if you have never done anything like this before, just bring your camping gear and see what people do.
There are plenty of us to help and give advice. That's what the Bug out Weekend is all about.
If you need to borrow anything I am sure we can help.
Just let us know in advance.
Make some friends and have a laugh in the sun or in the marque and the Bug Out Weekend will be what we make it.
We do appreciate your support.
Bug Out Weekend (CUP)
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The Ultimate in Lightweight Thermal Protection.
The Blizzard Survival Brand incorporating Reflexcell™ material has become the new standard wherever thermal performance in a lightweight compact package is essential - for military use, casualty care, emergency preparedness, disaster relief, personal survival, outdoor activities...and more.
Reflexcell™ products are totally unique: weight-for-weight far warmer than goose down, yet 100% weatherproof, tough, ultra-portable and re-usable.
Life-saving technology has never been so affordable.
All you have to do to get a 20% discount is enter the code “PREPPER” at the checkout, it is that simple. Thank you Blizzard
What do They Know That we don’t?
Obama has been operating behind the scenes to prepare an action in case of an American revolt that will not only squash a revolution, but kill many of its participants.
The first step of this action would be to disarm the American people, and throw anyone that is, or might be, a threat into a detention centre—a FEMA camp.
During the course of the revolt, many will die, both in battle and in the camps—an inevitable circumstance Obama is already preparing for.
The current President of the United States, amongst other things, has already ordered $1 Billion dollars’ worth of disposable coffin liners. Around the country is stored the 5 million, what will be, FEMA coffins in various locations.
Are you on the list? Are you one of the 8 million Americans that have been designated a threat to national security by the U.S. government?
Will you be subject to detention when martial law is imposed during a major national emergency?
Did you know there is actually a list that contains the names of at least 8 million Americans known as Main Core that the U.S. intelligence community has been compiling since the 1980’s?
So I decided to look into Main Core, and what I found out was absolutely stunning – especially in light of what Edward Snowden has just revealed to the world.
It turns out that the U.S. government is not just gathering information on its citizens. The truth is that the U.S. government has used this information to create a list of threats to national security that the government would potentially watch, question or even detain during a national crisis.
If you have ever been publicly critical of the US government, there is a very good chance that you are on that list.
The following is how Wikipedia describes Main Core…
Main Core is the code name of a database maintained since the 1980s by the federal government of the United States. Main Core contains personal and financial data of millions of U.S. citizens believed to be threats to national security.
The data, which comes from the NSA, FBI, CIA, and other sources, is collected and stored without warrants or court orders.
The database’s name derives from the fact that it contains “copies of the ‘main core’ or essence of each item of intelligence information on Americans produced by the FBI and the other agencies of the U.S. intelligence community.”
Cops or Soldiers?
FROM the way police entered the house—helmeted and masked, guns drawn and shields in front, knocking down the door with a battering ram and rushing inside—you might think they were raiding a den of armed criminals. In fact they were looking for $1,000-worth of clothes and electronics allegedly bought with a stolen credit card. They found none of these things, but arrested two people in the house on unrelated charges.
They narrowly avoided tragedy. On hearing intruders break in, the homeowner’s son, a disabled ex-serviceman, reached for his (legal) gun. Luckily, he heard the police announce themselves and holstered it; otherwise, “they probably would have shot me,” he says. His mother, Sally Prince, says she is now traumatized.
The increase in police brutality in America is a frightening reality. In the last decade alone the number of people murdered by police has reached 5,000. The number of soldiers killed since the inception of the Iraq war, is 4489.
What went wrong? In the 19070’s SWAT teams were estimated to be used just a few hundred times per year, now there are over 40,000 military style “knock and announce” police raids a year.
The police presence in the US is being turned into a military one with a clearly defined enemy, anyone who questions the establishment.
If you look at the most recent numbers of non-military US citizens killed by terrorism worldwide, that number is 17. You have a better chance of being killed by a bee sting, or a home repair accident than you do a terrorist. And you are 29 times more likely to be murdered by a cop than a terrorist!
Geomagnetic Reversal or Magnetic Pole Shift
The Earth’s rotation and orbit are unaffected. The Earth’s crust stays where it is. The change is in the Earth’s Magnetic Field.
The magnetic field deflects particle storms and cosmic rays from the sun, as well as highly energetic subatomic particles from deep space.
Without magnetic protection, these particles will strike Earth’s atmosphere, eroding our already thin ozone layer.
Every few hundred thousand years the Earth’s magnetic field dwindles almost too nothing, then gradually reappears with the north and south poles flipped.
Like a giant magnet, our planet has a North and a South, and we can locate the magnetic poles with a simple compass. The most accepted model for our magnetic field is a dynamo action resulting from the movement of molten iron in our planet’s core.
At present, the overall geomagnetic field is becoming weaker. The rapid deterioration began at least 150 years ago and has recently been accelerating – with a total decrease of 10-15% over these 150 years.
Our Sun has a magnetic field, and this field reverses every solar maximum, which are approximately 11 years apart. While the Sun’s reversal happens at the peak of magnetic strength, here on Earth it seems to happen when the field reaches a low point.
Crustal Displacement or Physical Pole Shift
This concept is not accepted by orthodox science, although it has had some distinguished fans, including Albert Einstein. While there is evidence for displacements in relatively recent geological times, the sticking point is a lack of internal mechanism.
With a displacement, the Earth’s outer crust moves rapidly (as opposed to the extremely slow movement due to plate tectonics) and slips relative to the core.
The result is that land masses end up being located at a different latitude/longitude than before the shift. A famous piece of evidence for such a shift is the graveyard of mammoths in Siberia. The mammoths were snap frozen.
One specimen was chewing on a plant when he died – a plant that does not live in Arctic zones. The supposition is that the mammoths were living in a more temperate region, and a sudden pole shift transported them to the Arctic.
According to a very good friend of mine Mr Charles Griffin who has studied this subject at university level it could happen with the next 3 to 5 years.
An incoming space object
Nibiru is here now in our solar system soon it will be easily seen by everyone on this planet and denial will have to end for those that have eyes to see.
Planet X Nibiru orbits our Sun every 3,657 years causing a Polar Shift which increases volcanic activity, earthquakes and extreme weather.
Nibiru or its moons were responsible for such feats as the destruction of Maldek and other planets which are now asteroid belts; the craters or surface scars on the Moon or planets of our solar system, as well as their varying axial tilts and orbits; the sinking of Atlantis and Noah’s Flood; and who knows what else.
Do the world governments know more than us is Nibiru on a collision course with our home?
Over 200 vast underground facilities, bigger than football stadiums with some buried more than two thousand feet below the surface, fully stocked with food, artificial underground farms, re-directed underground rivers, miles and miles of underground roads large enough for two tractor trailers traveling in opposite directions to pass each other with room to spare!
These facilities have vast underground mass-transport systems connecting them to one another. The facilities are fully self-sufficient, generating their own electric, possessing air filtration systems, water purification systems, and vast supplies of guns and ammunition.
So gigantic are some of these facilities, that full sized U.S. Navy guided missile cruisers, destroyers and even nuclear submarines can approach secret ocean entry points, slide gently onto massive rails, and be gently transported over a hundred miles under dry land, through gigantic tunnels to half a mile underground, or coming to rest in water-filled underground "docks."
The planning and sophistication of these government bases is almost unfathomable, but they exist. The government refers to these facilities as DUMBS -- Deep Underground Military Bases & Structures.
They chose that name because it also allows them to mock YOU. They really thought they could do all this in secret and that we were to "DUMB" to ever figure it out.
What do they know that we do not?
Something is going on and it means that you should take all the steps you can to make sure that you are prepared as it really does not matter which SHTF event happens and if you are prepared then you are in front of the sheeple.
A front pack is a pack or bag that allows for access of equipment from the persons chest. Front packs first and foremost allow for easy access of gear without the removal of any equipment.
In many adventure outdoor activities it can be critical to the sport to have the ability to reach essential gear fast without the removal of a backpack. Simplicity is the foremost purpose of the front pack but there are many additional benefits as well.
In all there are unlimited uses for the front pack. Front packs are the best compliment to any outdoorsman’s gear when accessibility, functionality, mobility and simplicity are required. From horseback riding, long distance biking, motorcycling and kayaking.
All sports where fast and easy access of gear is essential, a front pack is your best solution and as you can imagine it is going down a storm within the prepping and survivalist community.
Your summer code is "TRAILBLAZE" and can be used in the coupon section within the Store. Have a Great Summer!
EBOLA yes, but what about the FLU
Death rates soar due to vicious strain of flu and freezing weather: Number of people perishing is a third higher than five years ago
Fortnight ending January 23 saw 28,800 deaths in England and Wales
This is up 32% from the average for the same period in the last five years
Rise said to be driven by vaccine-resistant flu and the recent cold snap
Most deaths were in the elderly with many falling victim to a strain of flu
Death rates rose by almost a third in England and Wales last month – driven by a fatal combination of vaccine-resistant flu and the cold snap, figures reveal.
Almost 29,000 people died in the fortnight before January 23 – about 7,000 above the five-year average.
Most of those who perished were elderly and many fell victim to a strain of flu which has mutated more than usual this winter.
The latest death rates, published by the Office for National Statistics reveal in the two weeks ending January 23, 28,800 deaths were registered - up 32 per cent from the average for this time of year, calculated over the last five years, is 21,859 deaths
As a result, fewer people who had vaccinations were protected from the most common form of the virus – H3N2.
Early estimates show one in five people who developed flu in January fell ill despite having had the jab.
Doctors say problems arise because the vaccine is prepared about eight months before the flu season starts in November and is designed to tackle strains likely to be the most dominant.
But this year the H3N2 strain had already mutated by the time the critical flu period arrived.
Two important causes of excess deaths during the winter are influenza and cold snaps, although estimating exactly how much can be attributed to each takes more time.
Experts say the cold snap is one of the reasons behind the unusually high death rates
The main type of flu that has been circulating this winter so far – influenza H3N2 – is well recognized to particularly impact groups such as the elderly and those with underlying chronic health problems, resulting in increases in hospitalizations and deaths.
By the first week of January the number of deaths was up by 3,960 on last year. There were 3,721 more in the second week and an extra 3,220 the week after – bringing total excess deaths to 11,340 over the three weeks.
Surely this is our epidemic and something we have to deal with, I call it a total disgrace that we allow our elderly citizens to die because of the cold.
OK it is not about prepping and survival but it is a comment on our non-caring society and perhaps a warning of what might unfold when SHTF. We should stop foreign aid and re-direct those much needed funds to our own.
Having Problems Prepping?
The thoughts that bounce around our heads can create a chain reaction of events that can either help us or hinder us all along the way.
These thought processes can also make a big impact on our prepping activities. Regardless of what part of the prepping spectrum you are on, we have certain thoughts on the kind of prepared individual we want to end up being.
When we don’t meet our expectations, we tend to grow frustrated and feel more inclined to give up. When I first began prepping, I wanted to be a hard core prepper and had some pretty grandiose conceptions of how that would be.
I envisioned being the kind of prepper who could live off the land with nothing but a blade, some snares and a water bottle. Have I met this goal? Not really. But I haven’t stopped pursuing it either. I just know that this type of goal takes time to master, and being honest it is not for me if truth be known.
When we haven’t achieved our goals in the time expected, we can begin losing focus and be frustrated. This could be because of the short attention spans our society has.
Our need for immediate results can wreak havoc on a prepper’s long term desire to be prepared. To avoid this, we have to admit at the very beginning this is not a short-lived hobby, but a long term lifestyle change that will take time, energy and an ongoing pursuit for knowledge.
It can take years of studying and practicing skills to get to the point of being a hard core prepper. Years! Anyone who thinks differently is fooling themselves and will set themselves up for failure because of these preconceived notions.
Rather than looking at the end result and growing frustrated because you aren’t at the point you wanted to be, stay focused on the starting point.
Why are you preparing in the first place?
I would say that in order to have a well-rounded supply and knowledge base, we have to start at the very beginning and layer our prepping activities in short term, longer term and sustainable increments. This is the best way to stay organized and ensure that you can succeed in a disaster scenario.
The best way to begin prepping is by making a goal. Something as simple as, “I want to be prepared for a 3 month long disaster.” By setting a goal, you can create a preparedness plan based around this, which becomes your starting point.
Moreover, when you create a goal, you have also created a reference point to turn to in case you get overwhelmed or overloaded with prepping. This reference point reminds you to remember what you’re prepping for. From there, you can gather your supplies and learn your skill sets.
Plan – Set your prepper goals (short and long term), make a strategy, create lists of supplies, make meal plans, create a financial budget to get out of debt, as well as to fund your prepping activities.
Accrue – Begin investing in supplies, practice preparedness-based skills, continue to educate yourself on prepping and ways to promote a self-reliant lifestyle
Apply – When you begin using your food stores, practicing your skills and confidently using your preps, you are applying the knowledge you have learned. Don’t forget to keep accumulating knowledge and learning better ways to prep.
Don’t Lose Focus
Give yourself a break if you haven’t gotten where you wanted to be. It’s not ok to eat, live and breathe emergency preparedness.
Each of us is on our own journey and some may learn faster than others. Learn from others and don’t be afraid to include your mistakes and failures as part of your education.
This is part of the learning curve, and a necessary one at that. Further, take your time with the material and include your family. This could be a great way to teach family members and, rather than carrying “the world on your shoulders,” this gives you some support.
Understand, there will be times when you want to throw the towel in. It’s ok to take a break from prepping. I have, and so have others. The subject of preparedness can be stressful, especially if you are reading about worst-case scenarios all the time.
Your mind and spirit will need a break, and taking some time “to fill the well” can help immensely. Spend time with family and friends, breath, pray, meditate, exercise. Do anything to put your focus elsewhere for a short time and then, when you feel better, start prepping again. This makes you more open to continuing on the prepper journey.
Remember my quest to be the hard core type of prepper? As great as this would be, that’s not where I am now. But, just because I haven’t met this goal doesn’t mean that everything I have done in between has fallen by the wayside.
I am still striving toward this, but know there is a lot to learn along the way; and I’m ok with that.
Whether your goal is to be a hard core prepper or not, give yourself kudos for taking the steps to getting your home prepared and for taking the time to learn new skills.
We all grow frustrated at times, especially when this is a long term quest for knowledge and skills. My advice to those beginning to prepare is to be patient and remember that prepping takes time.
The U.K mock SHTF scenario DX w/e (part 3)
The U.K mock SHTF scenario DX w/e (part 3) will be holding their 3rd year event on June the 27th.
It is an event for preppers and people like minded to get together over the air through CB and PMR for a weekend.
They have chosen CB and PMR as they are license free and simple to work and legal for anyone to use in the UK.
All people taking part get listed on a google map on line and giving a call sign for the weekend.
There will also be a time table so people can find each other over the 2 days and the night.
Most people take part and BUG OUT for the weekend but some just join in from a parked car on a hill or from home if they are not able to get out and about.
On their Face Book page you can see past events at Uk shtf preppers and all so one or two uploaded to you tube.
The idea is as follows.
It’s a SHTF scenario of your choice.... zombie attack, a world war or a flood has took out your town/city and all land lines, mobile networks and the internet is down due to whatever you are prepping for and you need to make a call for whatever reason...
So what do you do????
Grab your BUG OUT BAG and head for the hills!!!!!! Radios normally work better from high ground so the plan would be to bug out to high ground and see who you can find on the radio.
More information will be handed out closer to the weekend.
But there are a few rules......
If you bug out please make sure you have permission to be on that land.
After the weekend please clean up your location before going home (LNT)
The radios used are open for anyone to use in the UK so please be polite and respectful to ALL other operators.
Make sure you are safe, you do not want to call out for help for real.
Wilderness121’s 10% discount
The new supplier of Purificup to the UK is Wilderness121 and they really mean business, having spoken to the director Rob Williams he has agreed to offer you dear listener a 10% discount just by putting the letters UKPRN into the code box it is that simple.
Now pop along to and check out their great range of survival related products.
Just Some Ideas on Survival
The night before, you thought you prepared just the right amount of supplies you need for your survival camping trip. You’re confident that you got everything covered before you left the comforts of your home.
And then camping day arrived. You realized that the hike in was harder than you expected; each step felt like a never-ending assault to your camping area.
You were extremely exhausted and almost felt the urge to turn back and go home. I suspect something like this has happened to each one of us in one way or another.
But you continued walking and suddenly, you tripped over a huge rock and injured yourself. To make things worse, while you were bleeding and in pain, you realized that no one in the group has a first aid kit.
Not a single plaster to cover your wound. That’s just too bad, but it could happen just like that and you could just simple die.
But you dear listener are a little older and wiser, and you have been able to formulate your own wilderness survival tips.
Before you share the my list with your family and friends, when they’re prepping for their outdoor trip, here are some more camping tips that can be useful, even during survival scenarios.
According to a recent study in the USA (small thought it was) 156 out of 280 backpackers said that diarrhoea is one of the main problems encountered during camping.
The risk of getting diarrhoea was greater for those who use streams or ponds as water source. Since clean water is essential but scarce especially in the wild, you should consider taking oral rehydration salts with you all the time. This will help replace the fluids and electrolytes you lose especially after the tough hike into your camp location.
Speaking of rehydration, you need to replenish the water inside your body lost during perspiration simply to keep you going.
The amount of water you should drink depends on the climate, the amount of energy you exert, and your own individual needs. But a good rule of thumb is to bring at least 3 to 4 litres of water per person.
When you run out of clean drinking water, you must find any water source like rivers or lakes, and then purify it.
Use any piece of cloth such as a clean shirt or unused towels or socks as a filter. Put the water into a rolling boil which kill the bacteria and let it cool for about 30 minutes before drinking it.
Being a good prepper/survivalist means knowing how to plan for the worst possible situation. There will come a time when you won’t be able to put a well-prepared, gourmet food on the table because you just don’t have the right ingredients.
That is why, from now on, you should consider saving all those Tic-Tac boxes or any compact sealable sweet packages you buy.
Because they can help you store the essential spices you need like salt and pepper. It’s spill-proof and convenient to use. Pack this with your survival food kits and prepare a flavourful grilled venison steak for example just as if you’re cooking in your own kitchen.
You must practice fire lighting in your own back garden in all weathers so it becomes easily start a fire in the wilderness when it’s cooking time which also to provide light and warmth, a good idea is to use cotton wool dipped in Vaseline but why not try those Doritos chips you’ve been saving for midnight snack, or most crisps for that matter.
Flashlights/torches and headlamps are the usual battery-operated light source during camping trips. They come in different sizes, weights, and light output or brightness.
Some of them come at really affordable prices, so you don’t have an excuse not to carry one. You can maximize the light it produces by pointing it through a jug of water. Or you can use an empty plastic container like a modern plastic milk container.
Make use of this instant lamp especially when arranging your food kits or tidying up things inside your own tent.
Please also consider the Luci light and the lumin aid both solar powered.
Having trouble sleeping? That’s probably because your groundsheet isn’t enough to provide a comfortable “bed”.
Well I am reviewing a new product called “Sprayable Sleep, that’s right a spray that uses totally natural products to induce sleep, so watch this space as they say.
Don’t forget a good sleeping mat which will transform your tent flooring into a softer base when you’re in the woods. With this camping idea, you should wake up in the morning without a terrible backache.
In addition to the sleeping mat, you can also invest in a quality sleeping bag. It’s compact and lightweight so you won’t have a hard time carrying it inside your pack. More importantly, it will give your tent a homey feel and keep you warm at night.
Some people are just plain lucky to experience the wild unscathed. If you’re not one of them, you better be ready with emergency survival kits that would aid common causes of inconveniences such as bruises, muscle pains, or even headaches and colds.
You must be able to pack everything you need inside one bag that you can easily carry. If you have lots of different bottles that contain your shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, sunscreen, or insect repellent, there’s not going to be enough space for you to throw everything in.
So what I do is fill pieces of straw cut-outs to make single-use packets instead of bringing the whole bottle. Make sure that you seal them properly to prevent them from spilling by using the old Bic lighter.
I also use this method for carrying antiseptic cream.
Survival camping trips are not only about having fun family and friends, they are much more than the satisfaction and memorable experiences you gain, they also give you the proper training to plan ahead and be adaptable in order to survive disasters, calamities, or any emergency situation that might happen in the future.
In other words you can practice your bug-out plan and iron out the wrinkles as there will be some. It is also the only way to practice survival and prepare for SHTF.
Take advantage of what you learned. Life and death decisions are made within seconds, that’s why you need to have the right amount of preparedness in any survival scenario.
Super Snacks: An Essential Boost for Wilderness Survival
Whether you’re a keen walker, climber, or a prepper and survivalist who loves being outdoors, we know being fully prepared is key, and by being prepared, I mean having the right snacks and sources of nutrition at hand to keep your energy levels high and full of healthy goodness.
Grab and Go
Having snacks at hand that you can grab and eat easily are the best; packed with filling ingredients with a punch of flavour to keep you satisfied until you have a big meal later on to reward all your hard work.
I personally like things I can pop in a zip lock resealable bags to munch on throughout the day, so why not share my some of my favourite snack foods which I hope will give you some inspiration for the types of snacks you could make and eat.
If you’re good at cooking then this very tasty Super Snack Bar is something you will really like for breakfast, lunch, dessert and all the times in between as it is perfect when on the move, if not have a word with she who must be obeyed.
All you need is 15-20 Pitted Dates, some water, 2 cups of rolled oats and ¼ cup of seeds, nuts and dried fruit of your choice.
You can add in honey, cacao, the ingredients are up to you.
The recipe is very simple
Cut up and soak the dates in hot water that just covers them until soft, drain some of the liquid and then blend until a smooth consistency, a bit like caramel.
If you’re adding in honey, then heat in a pan with the blended dates, and then stir in the oats this makes it easier to work and ensure all the coats are covered and bind together.
Take off the heat and add in some cacao, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and combine until it is like a dough-like texture.
Spread evenly in a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper, and bake for 15-20 minutes
Just to make this recipe even more appealing, here are just some of the health benefits you’ll be getting whilst eating these on your next adventure:
Dates are a great energy booster, which also contain a high level of potassium to keep your heart healthy and can increase muscle gain.
Oats are a great source of dietary-fibre called beta-gluten, which helps to lower bad cholesterol and also helps balance blood-pressure.
Nuts are high in Vitamin E and Omega-3 Fats which are very good anti-flammatory properties – very good if your tight or injured on a walk!
So whether you’re off into the woods for the day, attempting a new outdoors adventure or even if you’re just walking into town every day – make sure your bag is packed with my filling, super snacks, they will keep you on your feet and energised all day long, and you’ll be on your way to a better life outdoors. is offering 10% off any product by using the code Midi10 so check out
What Happens IF?
It is a fact that an event like a natural disaster could trigger the collapse of any currency. And
What would happen if a natural disaster occurs and the UK pound suddenly collapsed?
When a major catastrophe hits due to natural circumstances or manmade events, the following always happens.
Lives are lost
A great number of property is damaged or lost: homes, businesses, community, buildings, etc.
Food and water supplies become scarce
Power is cut off
Lots of people are stranded
Communication is down
And if that disaster triggers the fall of the home currency
Help may be very slow in arriving
Everyone will panic and there’ll be chaos: violent mobs will be taking to the streets
Looting and robbing other people; there’ll be lawlessness in most crowded places
The cost of food will skyrocket as the value of the dollar plummets, there’s also the
Possibility of not being able to withdraw money or there won’t be any food to buy
Desperate crowds may roam your area in search of food
There may be no gas available from gas stations to fuel your car if you need to flee
It could become difficult or even impossible to travel anywhere
Family Crisis Survival
When crisis suddenly strikes, a lot of people will realize that they are not prepared. That realization will cause them to panic and fail to rationalize.
Not being able to think reasonably can cause people to become unpredictable and do desperate acts.
Normally, the government does everything to restore order and in cases when impending disasters are anticipated, they have readymade measures to follow that can minimize the negative effects of the catastrophe.
The UK government might be very slow if a great crisis hits the country and help might not reach everyone.
This means that you should not rely on the government for the survival of your family.
It’s time for you to assess how prepared you are. In the event of a natural disaster and economic collapse, can your family survive? Are you truly prepared?
The EU economy is teetering on the edge and a massive natural disaster similar to
The US dollar is the current world reserve currency and its collapse, if it happens, can have a huge impact that will not only affect the U.S. but the whole world.
If the $ collapses, a recession greater than that felt in 2008 will no doubt occur and it might even be worse. The U.S. might again be facing another Great Depression. That would affect the whole world at the same time.
So how do you make sure that your family can survive?
Preparation. If you are properly and fully prepared, you increase your family’s chance of survival, it as simple as that. When a natural disaster strikes, there is never a certainty as to whether everyone will emerge unscathed. Still, there is an absolute need to prepare for the worst.
You should start securing your assets. Some of the things you can do include:
Paying off your debts
Diversifying your investments. (If you have any) Invest in foreign currencies and in precious metal like gold and silver convert your liquid savings into gold or silver
Learn transferable job skills
Keep your documents (i.e. passports) updated. This ensures that when the situation goes so bad that you need to move your family, you can do so fast. Store them in water proof covers or copy and laminate them.
These preparation tips can help keep you floating when the economy crashes.
To prepare for natural disasters, you must first be familiar with the types of disasters that may impact your location. If you’re near the coastline, your area might be a favourite path for unusually high tides and coastal flooding speaking of which you might be in danger of being in the way of a
No matter what type of disaster your area is prone to, the essentials for survival will more or less be the same for every family. You should have water, food, medications, first aid kits and a survival kit BOB you can simply grab and take with you if there’s a need to evacuate.
How to Help Your Rescuers
Let’s be honest here, accidents can and do happen and they can happen to you. Although the various scenarios I can think of are too many to mention from immediate life threatening health problems to a fall causing a broken limb we could all be in a position were rescue is our only option to survive.
Therefore I think it is very important indeed to be able to do the right things, the things that will actually help our rescuers find us more quickly.
The best way to speed your rescue is to tell someone where you are going.
You should make a plan for your trip, document your intended route of travel, planned activities, timetable, how you can be communicated with and key information about your travel group.
Leave this information with a person you trust and establish an emergency plan:
When will you be back? How long should they wait before calling authorities? Will you be checking in regularly? But whatever happens please, please stick to your plan.
If you do make a change, communicate those changes before you act on them. Sending rescue to the wrong location can be as bad as sending them on a wild goose chase.
Carry the correct kit
Buy yourself and your rescuers time by being equipped to survive for at least 48 hours on your own.
Train and practice survival techniques and basic emergency first-aid. If you are dressed in camo clothing then carry with you something like the rescueqik or some other very bright material like a cloth or bandana to mark you out.
Be Honest With Yourself – Realize When You are Lost
People in denial get themselves into deeper trouble. Be honest with yourself and accept it if you’re lost. Move to the next step.
Stay Put
If you’ve done the above and ended up in need of rescue, STAY PUT.
Find a safe location to set up camp and stay there.
This is one of the most effective plans if you have a reasonable expectation that someone will come to find you.
People tend to get themselves more lost when they move or take themselves out of the search area before there’s time for search teams to respond.
SAR teams using the data provided and effective tactics will narrow down your location.
Burn the Camouflage
Make yourself and your location as detectable as possible. Think in terms of sight, smell and sound from all angles.
Match your methods to the resources that may be used to find you. Your nice debris shelter may be warm, but a searcher may walk right past it if it isn’t distinctly marked.
Establish Communications
More and more of the country is covered by mobile phone signals and even satellite communications are becoming increasingly affordable.
Even if you don’t know where you are, trained SAR, the police and the phone companies can use the device’s signal to narrow down your location by pinging your mobile..
Be Ready For Variable Responses
There’s not a single standard for wilderness search and rescue methodology as far as I know.
Availability and quality of wilderness search and rescue varies widely across the UK.
It would not hurt to know the organizations that are responsible for missing person incidents in the area you intend to venture in to.
Find out how they operate and who the right points of contact are.
Don’t Get Lost
While every SAR team member loves to get into the field and apply their skills, they also know they’re taking a tremendous risk.
Remember that every mission involves putting numerous people, animals and resources in harm’s way.
They will push the limits “That Others May Live.” Respect their dedication and sacrifice by taking every effort to prevent an emergency before it happens.
Special Considerations for Children
A lost child is a terrifying experience for parents and an incident of greatest urgency for rescuers.
Given the limited mental development of children, especially at younger ages, it can be extremely hard to prepare them for being “lost.”
Please insure that when out in the wilderness all children in your care carry at all times a whistle, torch/flashlight, survival blanket, water bottle, emergency high energy food bars and are of course dressed in the correct clothing for the time of year as well as the environment that they are in.
Of course it goes without saying that they should have a basic survival knowledge in the first place.
So the things to remember are, make a plan, leave it with someone you trust, stick to your plan, dress in the right gear, carry the right equipment, and admit defeat and call for help if things go south.
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Survival Food-What to Buy
As food prices continue to skyrocket, having a bulk supply of food is a great investment. But it also provides security and peace of mind against potential emergencies.
By now most of us know that with the “Just in time” delivery system that is employed by the major food distributers and retail outlets there is really only about 3 days of food in stock when crises strike.
So if anything was to disrupt the food supply chain for an extended period of time, there would be a lot of people in deep do-do.
Any number of events could trigger mass disruption to a fragile food system, many of which are well documented and even predicted. Even NASA has warned its staff to prepare for potential disasters with survival foods and other precautions with their "Family Preparedness Program."
In fact anything from bad weather, strikes, manmade and natural disasters to civil unrest and even terrorism, really the list is endless and I think we as all other 1st world countries have never been as vulnerable as I believe we are today.
Prepping for disasters can seem overwhelming with so many aspects to be considered. However, for those just beginning to recognize how perilous these times are and are new to prepping, you will of course find many great survival foods at your supermarket, because that is what you survive on everyday..
There are many freeze-dried food companies offering light-weight storable meals. These are cost effective and great for new preppers.
But if you don't have thousands of pounds just laying around to buy a large supply, it may be better to pick up a few key items each week at the supermarket to build up your food bank gradually. And by buying base foods there, you'll ultimately save money.
Anyway I think these freeze dried foods are overpriced and taste of cardboard
It's best to keep your survival food list simple, and concentrate on storing foods with the highest amount of calories and the longest shelf life.
Here are some of the best and cheapest survival rations available at any supermarket.
Rice: Every time you go shopping you should buy a large bag of rice. Rice will stay in good condition for 10 years or more if stored properly. It offers high carbohydrates which is especially important if you are exerting a lot of physical energy during a crisis.
Beans: Beans are known to be one of the best all-round survival foods. They're high in protein, and if sealed in food-grade buckets with a small amount of dried ice, they'll stay for up to ten years.
Make sure to store them in a cool, dry, dark location. Buy bags of dried beans every time you go shopping. All dry beans are good to store; black beans, red beans, pinto beans, lentils, etc.
Cornmeal: All-purpose flours are good to store, but cornmeal may be the best overall. Cornmeal is packed with dense carbohydrates and contains oils that helps extend its shelf life. Additionally, if the power grid is down during a mega disaster, it is much easier to make good corn breads and tortillas with cornmeal in a simple skillet or solar oven, where refined flour will need yeast and oil to make decent bread or biscuits. You can buy cornmeal at Health shops simply seal and store the same way as beans (buckets, salt), and it will safely keep 8 months to 2 years.
Lard: If you're a health-conscious reader, hydrogenated lard does not sound very appetizing, but in a survival situation you can't afford to be picky.
Animal lard or vegetable shortening both offer much-needed calories during times of crisis, cooking oil for multiple uses, and it will keep longer than cooking oils because of the hydrogenation. Buy and store in a cool, dry, and dark place and it will stay good for 2-3 years or longer.
Salt: Salt is one of the most useful survival food items. It's used for storing food, curing beef, and flavouring most meals. Salt will stay forever, so always buy extra when you're shopping.
Tinned Fruit & Vegetables: These are another obvious survival food, but not as practical as many would think. They're heavy and somewhat costly for the calories they deliver.
Additionally, acidic fruits and any tins with tomatoes will not keep as long as most people think. But most tinned food is good for 5+ years.
Buy green vegetables and fruits like peaches and pears for long-term storage, but more importantly, buy what you already eat in case you need to rotate them into your diet before they go bad.
Tinned Meat: Tinned meats like ham, tuna, and chicken are excellent to store. They typically will keep for 6-10 years and they're an excellent source of protein. However, if the grid is down for a long time (apocalyptic), hunting and fishing will likely provide most meats. Therefore, it may be sufficient to buy extra tinned meats every other time you go shopping.
Sugar: Brown and white sugar will add much-needed flavour and calories to a survival diet and they'll keep for ten years or more if stored properly. Honey is also excellent as it will store forever.
Make sure to buy extra every other time you go shopping. You won't need too much, but they'll be well worth having if a crisis strikes.
Pasta: Pasta is a good light-weight storable food that is also a great source of carbohydrates. Pasta will not keep as long as rice, but it can stay for around 5 years in good conditions. Pasta is also very inexpensive and extra should be bought at each shop.
It will take up more space in your food bank than rice, beans and cornmeal, so plan your space the best you can.
Peanut Butter: Peanut butter is a terrific source of protein, fat, and calories. Plus, it's just a great treat to have on hand. Peanut butter can last up to five years. Stock up whenever there are good deals at your supermarket. You'll be happy you did if the SHTF.
If you remember to buy these items 3-4 times per month, you'll quickly acquire a year's supply of survival rations for your whole family.
How to store it?
A really basic way to store the rice, beans, cornmeal, sugar and pastas is to buy several 5-gallon seal-able paint buckets or food-grade type buckets. Put a cup or so of salt into a sandwich bag (opened) at the bottom of the buckets. Then fill it with food stuffs and add a couple of ounces of dried ice if you can get it which will remove the oxygen from the bucket after it's sealed. Finally, label each bucket with its contents and the date, and place it in your cellar.
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The Bag
You’re going to want to go with a backpack of some kind – it’s just easier to carry than any other type of bag. Being stranded and walking home could take several hours plus depending where you are, so you will want something light and water resistant.
Any unused backpack could be fine, but if you’d like to purchase a bag just for your GHB, go with a tactical, lightweight backpack.
Obviously you want to go with something with a decent shelf life which is why I recommend MREs or granola/energy bars. In a 24-hour period this is all you would need to survive and also the easiest and quickest way to get nutrients on your system.
Much more important than food is water. Staying hydrated is a big part of surviving emergencies. I suggest that you keep multiple bottles of water in your bag. Even though they can add substantial weight, storing multiple water bottles can be essential if you are stranded with other people.
A prepaid debit card could be a good idea – but the universal form of money is cash. In the event of an emergency credit card machines can go down and transactions would be cash only. I suggest including notes and coins in your bag.
If you are stranded and can’t get home, finding the nearest hotel could be key, and you will need to have the cash to be able to pay for one night’s stay. There are countless other necessities that cash will be able to buy you in an emergency.
First Aid Kit
This one’s pretty obvious. Things can happen and wounds need to be addressed big or small. You also may want to throw in some over-the-counter pain-killers. Plus any prescription medicines.
An emergency can strike at any time and you could be wearing improper footwear. You could be wearing dress shoes or sandals, so having a pair of boots or shoes in your bag or even your boot could be crucial.
An emergency could mean that you have to walk through a wooded area, snowy terrain, or very wet grounds, so a good pair of comfortable hiking boots or shoes are very important.
Plastic Rain Poncho
A practical addition to your bag is a plastic rain poncho to guard you from the elements. Being stranded with cold and wet clothes can cause more problems than just being uncomfortable like hypothermia in cold temperatures. If your poncho is big enough, or if you have more than one, you can even use your poncho as a makeshift tent/shelter.
Work Gloves
A good set of work gloves can also come in handy in several ways. In colder temperatures even thin work gloves are better than nothing if you don’t have winter gloves or mitts nearby. If you find yourself needing to work with your hands during an emergency a quality set of work gloves will help you get a better grip on everything and also protect your hands from a few scratches or cuts.
Just like with the footwear mentioned above, you aren’t always in ideal clothing for emergencies. Make sure to have a change of clothes in your get home bag and keep it appropriate to the current season. At least 2-3 times per year to revaluate your bag – especially the current spare clothes.
Even a cheap lighter can be crucial to aiding in survival, at the least you should have a simple cigarette lighter in your bag. I would even suggest going above and beyond and including some tinder/paper or even special tools for lighting fires that even work in wet conditions.
Multi-function Tool
A good multi-tool needs to be in your bag. Most multi-tools will have the important features, but make sure to grab one that isn’t too small. Your multi-tool should have a good set of plyers, scissors, a knife, a file and a mini-saw.
A good torch/flashlight is a must have for any GHB. You may also want to include extra batteries just in case. A powerful flashlight won’t just help you see in the dark, but will also help you get found if you are ever lost in the darkness.
Wet Wipes
You won’t always be lucky enough to be stranded somewhere with a bathroom – so keeping some wet wipes at hand will help keep you clean. They also serve a dual purpose for when nature gets messy and you need to clean your hands or body and don’t have soap.
This one you need to use at your own discretion. Some lucky people don’t have any daily medication they need to take. Other people will need to customize their bag even further with a 1-2 day’s dosage of their own medication.
We also suggest that everyone include some basic over the counter medicines and if necessary, feminine products. Some people can overlook this step but keeping non-expired medicine in your bag can be just as important as anything else.
Whatever you’re comfortable using for self-defence should be in your GHB. From non-lethal forms like pepper spray, to very lethal forms like a handgun or a knife (legally carried) of course, you need to have some sort of defence mechanism at hand.
Writing Utensils
One useful item that will barely take up space or weight is a simple ballpoint pen. I suggest one or two different pens in case you need to write down anything from directions, phone numbers, or anything else of importance. Go with a pen over a pencil – a pen can write on more types of surface than a pencil – including your hand if you need to jot something down quickly and don’t have paper nearby.
Other Items
A get home bag can only be so big, so obviously you won’t be able to fit everything you want inside of yours. Be careful though, don’t over fill it – if it’s too heavy for you to walk up to several miles with, you may want to leave some things out so that you aren’t encumbered.
Try to keep an old mobile phone in your bag or car that is fully charged and powered off.
Important Vehicle Items
Your bag doesn’t have to be the only helpful item in your vehicle. There are several other things that should be in your vehicle to aid in any sort of emergency situation. Here are items your vehicle should have:
Roadside assistance kit
Spare tire, tire jack & iron Tire pressure gauge
Jumper leads
Your vehicle’s manual
An old piece of carpet if you need quick traction
Road salt
A shovel
When Would I Need a Get Home Bag?
Well hopefully you never have to use your bag, but there are many events that could occur where your get home bag could save your life. Below are several emergency scenarios where you will want to have your bag with you.
Natural disaster/snowed in by a blizzard
Power cut
Broken down vehicle
Terrorist activity
Regardless of how ‘likely’ any of the above scenarios are, making a get home bag could be the most important thing you ever do.
If you already have a GHB, I hope that the above list can help you improve it. Please remember to check any expiration dates on the items in your bag. If however you do not currently own a get home bag – please use this information to help yourself become better prepared for an emergency.
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Home Made Emergency Survival Bars
3 Cups of cereal (oatmeal, cornmeal, or wheat flakes)
1/4 tsp. salt
3 Tablespoons honey
2 1/2 Cups powdered milk
1 Cup sugar
1/4 Cup water
Why not add raisins if you like
Place all ingredients in a bowl. Bring water, honey to a boil and add to the dry ingredients. Mix well. Add water a little at a time until mixture is just moist enough to mould.
Place in a small square dish and dry in the oven under very low heat.
Wrap and store
This will make 2 bars, each containing approx. 1000 calories or enough food for one day. These will store for a long time if they are cooked until quite dry, and are excellent for emergency packs, etc. Eat dry, or cooked in about 3/4 Cup of water.
One bar contains only half of the nutrients of the whole recipe and therefore you may wish to set aside two bars per day to get the following:
Probably the biggest problem is the low vitamin C. However, in a pinch, a person could live a long time off these bars alone.
They are also a bit short in the calorie department, but are excellent in protein, over half of the B vitamins, and excellent in the minerals category.
I think that nutritionally they really smash most of the expensive bars you can buy from the different shops etc. and properly sealed would probably last as long.
Although I actually make them just to take with me and they beat trail mix by miles.
High Energy Survival Bars
2 lbs pitted dates
2 lbs figs
2 lbs raisins
2 cups cashew nuts
2 cups sesame seeds
2 cups peanut butter
Mix all ingredients except for peanut butter through a meat grinder or use a pestle and mortar
Add peanut butter and mix well.
Roll out into 1/2 inch thick sheets.
Cut into bars and wrap well.
This amount will make around 60 2oz. bars
Homemade Survival Energy Bars
This homemade energy bar recipe is packed full of goodies and will sustain even the most exhausted prepper, survivalist or zombie hunter out there.
Wrap them individually and make extras for tucking into BOB (Bug Out Bags) or GHB (Get Home Bags) backpacks etc.
1 egg
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 cup granola or your own mix of course.
1/2 cup raisins (or any chopped dried fruit)
1/2 cup chopped hazelnuts (or your favourite nut)
A large box of M&M’s or smarties or again your choice.
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Generously butter or oil an 8 x 8 inch square pan (preferably non-stick).
Crack the egg into a medium sized bowl.
Add the sugar and vanilla extract and mix thoroughly.
Stir in the granola, raisins, hazelnuts and M&M’s and mix until combined.
Transfer to the pan and distribute evenly over the bottom, pressing firmly with your hands. Bake for 25 minutes.
Cool and cut into bars or squares. Serves 8 to 12.
Why not add powdered Vitamin C to the mix. It is easy to make your own with lemon or orange peels by cutting them up into small pieces and drying in a dehydrator/oven and then grinding them up with a coffee grinder/ pestle and mortar.
Plan to Prepare
Like all preppers you spend a lot of time preparing your home for a disaster. You probably have everything you need to secure it and protect your family from the next great storm, power cut or even terrorist attack. But are you totally prepared?
What would you do if you can’t just run to the shops and pick up the everyday items that your family needs?
Could you and your family survive if the shelves in the shops were empty for a few days, weeks or even months?
Now is the time to begin preparing a stockpile of all the necessities you need in the case of a disaster.
Start planning before it is too late. You need to make sure you have everything your family needs in case of a long term emergency where you will not have access to goods and services.
The main reason you need a stockpile is obvious. You need enough provisions to survive through a catastrophic event.
However, this is not the only reason you need to have a stockpile. The materials you have saved can help save your life in ways you could never imagine. I would say that the main reasons to stockpile food and supplies are:
The most basic reason to have a complete stockpile is survival.
When a catastrophic event occurs, you will not have access to shops, restaurants, fuel or even medical care.
For this reason, you need to make sure you have everything you need to survive day by day.
This can be something as simple as having fresh water to drink.
It could also mean having the necessary equipment to suture a cut or perform minor surgical procedures.
You will also want materials in your stockpile to provide temporary shelter and heat. Having these supplies available can mean the difference between living and dying for you and your family.
You stockpile will not only be used as a life force for you and your family.
It will also be a form of barter between your friends, neighbours and fellow survivors.
During a catastrophic event, money can be made worthless. You can’t just run down to the corner shop and buy what you will need.
You may need to trade with people to get what your family needs to survive. For this reason, when creating your stockpile, load up on all provisions, whether you need them personally or not.
The bottle of whiskey or pack of cigarettes that you will not use can be traded for the food and water you need to make it through another couple of days.
You also want to make sure that your stockpile takes care of all your needs. Of course you will need food, water and medical supplies, but you may also need shelter and warmth.
You can never take it for granted that you will have a roof over your hear when an emergency happens.
You need to include shelters and heating supplies in your stockpile. Your stockpile should include EVERYTHING you need for you and your family to survive long term.
The first rule in starting your stockpile/preps is “It is never soon enough”.
You never know when you will need it. You want to have your stockpile ready when you need it.
After a catastrophic event, you do not want to be running around trying to find what you need. Make sure everything is in place before you need it.
You want to make sure you draw up a list and get everything that you and your family members will need for a two week period at the very least. It may sound like a long time, but you want to make sure you do not run out.
Your family’s life can depend on it.
Start by getting all of the food and water items you will need on a list.
Once you have all of those items, you can move on to the first aid essentials and continue through the list until you have everything.
You may also find items that your family needs that are not on the list. This will be a basic list of the items you need for you and your families survival.
Not everything is on this basic list. For example, if you or someone in your family is on medication such as insulin or heart medication, make sure you have enough on hand at all time to last a few weeks.
There is no fool proof list for everyone. This list is just the starting point for your family’s needs.
You also need to remember that you do not have to buy everything on the list at once.
Begin buying what you can.
Keep adding to the list until you have everything that you need for a long period of time. You also want to keep checking the items in your list to make sure they have not expired. If you find an item that is past its expiration date, simply replace it. You need to check your supplies frequently to make sure everything you have on hand can be used when it is needed.
The check list needs to be broken down into categories. This is to make it easier for you to plot a course and make sure you have everything you need.
You may find that you do not need everything on the list. If you come across something you will not use, either omit it or purchase a limited supply to be used as a bartering tool.
The most important factor is that you have every item that your family needs in case of an emergency.
Not all preps will be the same.
Each person has different needs. Make sure your preps meet all the needs of you and your family.
Imagine your mobile phone battery is very low. To activate, press the keys *3370# your mobile will restart with this reserve and the instrument will show a 50% increase in battery. This reserve will get charged when you charge your mobile next time.
The Wilderness Gathering has over the years become a firm date in the diaries of those who enjoy bushcraft, nature and wilderness survival skills. The previous eleven years have seen this event grow from a small event in one field with some traders and schools sharing bushcraft skills and knowledge to a festival of wilderness living skills encompassing bushcraft/survival and woodland crafts.
The show has grown into an event with something for all the family with stories and music by the campfire in the evenings and skills workshops and activities throughout the three whole days of the festival.
The Wilderness Gathering has without a doubt become the premier family event for all those interested in bush crafts and the great outdoors.
The show has bushcraft clubs for all age groups of children to get involved in plus more activities for all including den building and wilderness skills classes for all.
There are hands on demonstrations of game preparation, knife sharpening, basha boat building, bowmaking, greenwood working, archery and axe throwing and primitive fire lighting to name just a few. There are talks on survival phycology, classes on falconry and wilderness survival fishing. All of these skills are there for everybody and anybody to participate in.
You can probably pick up information on nearly all the skills needed to live in the wilderness and prosper at The Wilderness Gathering.
There is a wealth of good quality trade stands that are carefully selected to be in theme for the show selling everything from custom knives to tipis and outdoor clothing to primitive tools. The organisers have even laid on a free service bring and buy stall where you can bring along your used and unwanted kit and they’ll sell it for you.
There are local scout and explorer groups onsite promoting the World Wide Scouting Movement as well helping out with some of the classes and site logistics.
The catering is within the theme of the event with venison and game featuring on the menus plus organic cakes and drinks. The woodland and open field camping facilities (with hot showers) giving you the option to visit for the whole weekend or just to attend as a day visitor.
Check out or call 0845 8387062 you really won’t regret it.

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